Charles Antoine de Piis

The site of Chateau Puybarban was first settled around 1240 AD in the 13th century almost 800 years ago by the Piis family. The Estate was large and included all of the areas today covered by the villages of Puybarban and Bassanne.

The Piis family were well connected to the French Royal Family and lived in the property for over 600 years. Generation after generation enjoyed the estate and were prominent members of Aquitaine society holding important governmental positions in both Bordeaux and the nearby Cathedral medieval town of Bazas. Stonework belonging to the previous Chateau is still to be found in the gardens.

The current « new house » was constructed around 1780 by Charles Antoine de Piis in the French Baroque style including elements of a Rococo interior design.

French revolution

The Piis dynasty were strong supporters of the French monarchy over their 600 year residence often sending family members and staff to support overseas wars and were rewarded with titles and positions including Governor of Bazas and the ruling elite of Bordeaux.

However, the builder of the Chateau, Charles Antoine ultimately paid for his loyalty to the French Crown (with his head!) when he was beheaded in Bordeaux city centre during the  French Revolution in 1794 shortly after this house was completed.